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  • DIY Houston Property Tax Protests Garner Larger Breaks, Study Finds…

    Do you believe it? I do, but not without some pitfalls along the way.

    We most certainly experienced a challenge helping our clients out with the property tax protest this year. Truth be told, we’re quite proud of our client’s results. Their fight truly proved one of our beliefs, and that is simply your passion cannot be duplicated. We’ve got the knowledge and proof, you’ve got the passion. Together those two make an incredible property tax fighting team.

  • Austin, Are You Ready to Protest and Appeal Your Property Taxes?

    Well, good morning Austin, TX. You are the state capitol of Texas, the tech hub of Texas, and the music capitol of Texas. You’ve also got the fastest growing real estate values in Texas, which means you’ve also got some of the highest property taxes in Texas. Some of the above is good, and some of it is bad.

  • Texas Property Tax Bills

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to give you a quick reminder to pay your property tax bills before December 31st 2013 so you can deduct them on your 2013 Federal Income taxes. Don’t miss the chance to save money now. As you’re paying those bills, remember that each year you’re able to protest your property value and hopefully pay less than the appraisal districts think you should pay.

  • Did You Fail to Protest Your Property Taxes and Now Owe More Than You Can Pay?

    It is now 2014, and your property tax bills have come. We know it can be hard to pay those sometimes, but you have to or else you’re at risk to have your property taken from you. There are a few companies out there in Texas that can help you by giving you a quick loan to pay your property taxes.

  • Do You Have a Property Tax Protest Story You’d Like to Share?

    Do you have a property tax protest story you’d like to share?  If you do, email us and we’ll post it.  Your story does not have to be related to us, just an experience you’ve had.

    Here’s one that one of our clients sent us this year.  She did use us, and was pleased…to say the least.

  • Property Taxes vs Sales Tax

    What do you think? Would you rather pay property taxes, or sales tax? It seems this debate is moving up and down the state as folks start hitting the campaign trail. We’d rather pay more in sales taxes than property taxes. The reason is simple, of course. We have control over what we purchase.

  • Houston’s Property Values on the Rise

    HOUSTON (KTRK) — Jeff Ehling — The Houston economy is booming, strong home sales, more jobs, the fastest growing economy in the nation, sounds great…one draw back, property taxes are once again going up.

    Houston’s real estate story is impressive. It’s had 22 months of increasing sales. The employment picture is great. Last year, the city saw more than 95,000 jobs created.

  • Property Tax Increase, More Jobs Part of Austin Budget Plan

    The typical Austin household would pay $173 more in city taxes, utility bills and other fees next year under the 2013-14 budget that city officials proposed Thursday.

    Austin’s property tax rate would grow from 50.29 cents per $100 of property value to 51.14 cents. For the owner of a median-value home of $185,133 that would mean a city bill of $947, a $50 increase over this fiscal year, when the median-value home was $178,327.

  • How to Protest Your Property Taxes and Win

    If you want to go it alone, here’s some help. To us, it is worth $69 bucks to prevent all of this work, but you’re your own person. A bit of this article is out-dated as ISD ratios are no longer provided.

    Why We Fight

    It needs to be maintained every year whether it moves up or down.

  • Houston Ranks in Top 10 U.S. Market for Home Sellers

    Home sellers could make out like bandits this year in Houston, as the region ranked No. 8 on ZipRealty’s Top 10 Best Cities for Home Sellers.

    The study — which is based on housing market trends in 24 metro areas in the United States — ranked the markets based on the performance of median home sales, number of days houses stayed on the market and total housing inventory, according to the research conducted by California-based ZipRealty Inc. (Nasdaq: ZIPR)