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Property Taxes vs Sales Tax

By Brook Roberts

What do you think? Would you rather pay property taxes, or sales tax? It seems this debate is moving up and down the state as folks start hitting the campaign trail. We’d rather pay more in sales taxes than property taxes. The reason is simple, of course. We have control over what we purchase. If I don’t want to pay excess sales taxes, then I don’t purchase as much. This doesn’t drive our economy though, so there would be some unintended consequences. Property taxes, on the other hand. Well, they aren’t much fun, either. There are too many variables that cause the value to go up, or down. I personally feel they should be able to re-assess you once every five years, not every year. I’m quite okay with either, as long as I can take some sort of action to reduce them. Whether that is purchasing less, or protesting my property taxes, I simply need a way to help reduce my out of pocket burden.

So what do you think? Sales or Property? Or….state income taxes?