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  • Property Tax Protest in Houston TX

    Check out our map of protests in Texas and our customers.

  • Houston and Austin Property Tax Protest and Appeals – Imagine This

    HCAD/ TravisCad Property Tax Protest Day

    It’s June 15th, and you’re tired. You just spent all night reviewing your final notes for your appraisal hearing this morning.  You’ve spent hours researching your neighbor’s properties and taking pictures of anything wrong with the neighborhood, like that dog that runs around without a leash all day, or the home with that one broken window that really hurts the appeal of your neighborhood.

  • George Scott’s Opinion on Jubally Solutions

    George Scott Has An Opinion On Jubally Solutions and HCAD.org – Do you? Tell us what you think.

    Harris County homeowners who are frustrated with paying too high of property taxes but who lack the confidence to take on the Harris County Appraisal District alone now have a new high-tech ally – Jubally Solutions, a do-it-yourself property tax appeals solution.

  • George Scott Talks to Jubally Solutions About HCAD’s Property Tax iSettle

    George Scott Knows How HCAD’s iSettle Works – He does not like it. What have your experiences been like?

    What Roberts says he has learned over the years is that HCAD has a “give the dog a bone” approach to homeowners.  “In other words, HCAD will often give a minor value reduction at the informal level hoping that will be enough to keep citizens from going before an Appraisal Review Board hearing,” he said.

  • Is There a Hidden Houston and Austin Property Tax Protest and Appeals Strategy?

    Over the years we’ve noticed that so many wait until the very last minute of May to file their protest.  While this might just be the way it is, we’ve long thought this is a good thing to do, if accidental or intentional.  We’d like to briefly discuss the reasons this could be good.

  • We Are Your Houston and Austin Property Tax Protest and Appeals Ally

    A new business launched only about a week ago established to help property owners fight for lower taxes by successfully challenging Harris County Appraisal District’s and Travis County Appraisal District’s assertions of market values on residential property is picking up some startling strong but counter-intuitive allies – property tax agents.

  • Houston Property Tax Appeal and Protest – Anonymous Blog Discusses iSettle and Jubally Solutions

    The 2013 Protest Battle Begins – First Round: iSettle (or should be called iSwindle)

    The first thing I did was get a professional opinion of the true market value of my house, and for that my ally directed me to Jubally Solutions. If you have not tried out this company’s website, I urge you to do so right now, it is fantastic.

  • Houston and Austin Property Tax Appeal and Protest – Anonymous Blog Discusses the Neighborhood Effect

    Brother, Help Your Neighbor. Plus: HCAD using unreliable information on “renovation”

    Protesting your property tax value is not a zero sum game. You can get a reduction in your value without having your reduction offset by a value increase for someone else. In fact, a value increase for someone else will eventually be used to justify a value increase for you.

  • HCAD Intimidation?

    This one is a little more difficult for us to write.  It is very easy to share all of the success stories, but when sharing a negative one, it just gets more difficult.  There’s a purpose to it, though.

    I write this out of frustration and anger…and sadness.

  • Wow. What a year for Houston Property Tax Appeals

    This year marks our first year to open up our site to the public, and what a first year it was.  While the 2013 housing market in Houston was and is hot, these values are not reflected in HCAD appraisals just yet.  All indications show that HCAD will really start increasing the appraised value of your homes beginning in 2014, so get ready.