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Wow. What a year for Houston Property Tax Appeals

This year marks our first year to open up our site to the public, and what a first year it was.  While the 2013 housing market in Houston was and is hot, these values are not reflected in HCAD appraisals just yet.  All indications show that HCAD will really start increasing the appraised value of your homes beginning in 2014, so get ready.

Why do we share that with you?  Because once again, we care. We do not want you to pay a penny more than you should, and that is why you must appeal your property tax value every year.  It is imperative you do, because simply put, if you don’t, that’s the year they’ll increase your value as much as they can.  At the very least, you should always file your protest. Without it, you have no options come May 31st (for most of you).

The season is done for us, and for you.  We had incredible success. I’ll rephrase; you had incredible success. Well done, Houston, well done.  97.5% of you received a reduction at the informal level or at the formal level.  Not all of you were able to reduce your appraised value to the level we recommend, you probably now understand that it is a battle to get those taxes reduced. The county doesn’t want to, so many times they’ll make it as difficult on you as they possibly can. This is why you should truly study your report, and learn what each value indicates.  It is also why you should go back each year. You need to go back each year in order to continue to get reductions.    Oh, and what about the other 2.5%?  They got a refund just like we promised, and most of them will give it a go again since it is so dependent on how HCAD feels the particular day of your hearing.

Stay tuned to our site, as our blogging season is just kicking off. We’ll be sharing tips and strategies with you, methods and what actions you can take to have the best chance at a reduction. We are your friendly helper in this fight, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get a reduction, and at the very least, you’ll get a great education from us.

Be sure to visit us on twitter, and on facebook.  We also ask you tell your family, friends, and neighbors. We will be coming to their county soon, and the more people who use it, the more values are reduced moving forward.  It truly is a circle.