How It Works

Jubally performs an analysis of your neighborhood to find acceptable comparisons for your property based on age, size, quality, and several other metrics. We then calculate the lowest possible value we can and generate a PDF report for you to use at your hearing.





Your Property

Save Time and Frustration

Find Comparisons Algorithmically

Compound Savings

When you protest your property’s value even once it can create lasting savings that compound year after year. The more often you protest your property’s value the more you can save.

Unprotested vs Protested
Taxes Over 10 Years

$10,250 $12,122 $13,994$15,867$17,739

Undisputed Property Taxes

Paid over 10 year period


Disputed Property Taxes

Paid over 10 year period


Real Dollar Savings

$8,429.11 See the Math

This chart assumes a starting evaluation of $350,000 in a county with a 3% property tax rate. It assumes a yearly increase in evaluation of 6%, and a protest reduction of ONLY $5,000 each year.

Protesting 101

The video below covers the most common questions and concerns when protesting your property taxes and shows how Jubally Solutions can help you.

Empowering Texans

to Save Their Income

Feature Packed!

Property taxes are designed to be confusing and difficult to dispute. We cover as much of the process as we can so you save time and money.

Thorough Comparisons Report

Our reports show all the best comparison properties in your neighborhood and the math to prove your case.

Free Analysis

You can see if we can generate a good value for your property before ever buying.

Free Protest Form

We'll generate an Intent to Protest form for free, even if you don't buy a report.

Instructions for Your Hearing

We provide instructions on what a hearing looks and sounds like, and how to represent yourself before appraisers.

Money Back Guarantee

Our reports are backed by a guarantee that if the county doesn't lower the market value with our data, we will refund your purchase. (Market Value Only, we can't legally dispute an Appraised Value.)

See the Reports!

Our reports generate with all the data you need for a hearing. Proper comparisons with all the math to prove that your property is over-valued by the county. This is just a small sample.

Report Spread

Download a Sample Report

This report has been annonymized, but all the math is still real and the report is exactly as appears in the real product.

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