Fight Your Property Taxes



To access your property report(s) you first have to login.

  1. Click login  or look for the login link in the main menu (very top right of the webpage).
    It’s a good idea to bookmark this page for quick reference.
    Jubally Login

If you see a LOGIN link you’ll have to login using the email address and password you used when you created your account and made your purchase. If you see the LOG OUT link, it means you’re already logged in.


Generate a Report

After you’re logged in using your email address and password.

  1. Click the “+ Add New Report Button”
    Great for almost everyone. It’s super easy, fast, and very cost effective.
  2. Enter the county tax id number (account number) and county of your property in the box that appeared when you clicked the button.
    Be sure to enter the exact account number.
  3. Click “+ Add”
    Once you click add the report will be generate and stored for you in the system for up to a year.


Download Your Report

After your report has finished generating the page will refresh and you’ll see the new report in your list of available reports.

  1. Click Download and you’re done.
    Your report will be available to you anytime through Dec 31st of this year.
  2. We keep you up to date
    New information is always being released and as it becomes available we update our databases. So, to make sure your report is as up-to-date as possible we refresh your property reports automatically. It’s free!

And Then…

We generate a protest form for you too. After you generate a report, look under the Resources link next to your report.

Do not go through the “i-Settle” option, and you’ll understand why after you read the information you just purchased.

*Please remember our guarantee is based on you attending your Formal hearing. As long as you have attended it, the guarantee applies.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the formal hearing, why it’s important, and what to expect. This is great insight. Please do not be intimidated or confused by the informal hearings, the formal is what matters.  Just remember, we’re dealing with humans, and humans make decisions based on emotion. No system is perfect, and that especially includes the entire property protest process.

ARB Member Manual

ARB Member Manual

We wish you the best, and we’re here to help in any way we can, so feel free to reach out to us.

We’re so confident in our evidence reports that we offer a money back guarantee. If you protest your property’s value, using our report, and the county doesn’t lower it after you attend your formal hearing, we’ll buy that report back from you. That’s a bold statement and we stand by it.

Welcome to Jubally DIY Property Tax Solutions! So glad you found us. We are very busy ramping up for the 2021 protest season so that you will once again be armed with excellent evidence at your hearings. We are making several changes this year to our process, and because of this, our system will only be able to generate property reports for owners in Harris County. If you haven’t already, visit our FAQ page to see if your question has already been addressed. If your question is specifically about your property, you will need to contact your local appraisal district.


While we generate a suggested value, please be patient.

It can take up to 20 seconds.